Babywearing Overview

Babywearing has become very trendy recently.  Just put “babywearing” into a Google search and you get over 2 million hits.  If that isn’t proof that babywearing is growing, the press has been rampant with pictures of stars all over the world wearing their babies in all different kinds of carriers.  Ordinarily that would give me pause, but in this case, the stars have it right (for the most part).  Do you want some better evidence than star behavior?  Babywearing is also one of Dr. Sears 7 Baby B’s.  Through his (and his wife’s) years of experience in their medical practice and at home with 7 children, the Sears family found out that wearing a baby/toddler not only helps milk production, it calms baby (and caregiver) to allow for better growth, helps soothe reflux, promotes bonding, oh and let’s not forget….it frees the caregiver’s hands to eat, clean, read, relax, and use the restroom!

If you are new to the idea of babywearing, let me first start by saying that all carriers are not created equal so please do your research.  Throughout this series we will be talking about some ergonomic carriers that promote safe wearing and hip development.  I will also recommend some websites and blogs, such as A Little Bit of All of It, as great resources for learning more about Babywearing.

We will also talk about babywearing safety in this series.  Wearing your baby should be comfortable for you and baby, should keep the babe’s bum below his knees, and should be done as long as is desired by caregiver and babe (much like breastfeeding!).  If you have never seen the photo below, please take a look.  This picture is displayed on the Boba Website and shows one of the safety rules for wearing your baby.  More photos and rules will follow in the coming weeks.

Safety is key, but if you don’t find the carrier that works best for you and your baby you won’t wear them.  So, in addition to reviewing specific carriers in upcoming posts, I will also provide a chart that I made on our babywearing journey (and continue to add to) showing what each carrier is intended for, is best used for, and some important practical considerations like washability.  All carriers reviewed and discussed are ergonomic and safe for babe’s hip development if they are used according to the manufacturer’s instructions.  Any carrier can be unsafe if used improperly so please take the time to attend your local Babywearing group, watch manufacturer videos, and read the pamphlets to make sure you and your babe are safe.

I am so happy that you have chosen to join my babywearing series.  Babywearing should be a wonderful journey that helps you and your baby bond and learn about one another.  I can’t imagine what life would be like if we didn’t wear our little guy.