Baking, Reflection, and Peace

Today was supposed to be a day of frantic grading, responding to student emails, updating PowerPoint presentations, and closing the month end for my business.  Here is a little about how I changed the day and created grace, space, and peace.

I’ve been exhausted and running on empty for months. Today I said “no” to the hustle and bustle.  I patiently and calmly answered my student’s emails, but I wasn’t driven by a time table.  I closed my month end business documents and celebrated the new ideas I had implemented.  I reflected on what worked, what I’d like to adjust next month.  I put off the non-urgent grading.  It will keep for 12 more hours.

Instead of the hustle and bustle, I baked and cooked to restock our freezer.  For many, this would be stressful, but for more it takes on a meditative feel.  Measuring, creating, smelling the cooking in progress all make me smile.  I enjoyed a cup of tea waiting for the food to be ready and I messaged a new team member with a few ideas.

I stopped and chatted with an open heart and focused mind when a friend unexpectedly stopped by.  I lived in the moment.  Nothing else mattered, but being with her.

I am deliberately slowing down and thinking about what I want this next decade to look like.  Our family is talking about what we want for our focus, we are discussing friendships and our professional aspirations.

It is easy to say what we want for our family and friendships, and is best summarized from something Shauna Niequist writes in her book “Present over Perfect”.  She says “What I see now is that what I really wanted was love, grace, connection, and peace.” (pg. 63)  We are intentionally slowing down when we are able and creating plans for the future that bring family and friends to our core.

Today I said “no” and instead set about creating nourishing food for my family.  Sure, I let people down today, but that is ok.  Boundaries are healthy and necessary.  It is ok to say “no”.