Birth Services: Placenta Encapsulation

There are many services related to birth out there.  Some are worth the money and time and some are not.  Placenta encapsulation has a LOT of benefits and is one of those services that is worth your time, attention, and money.  While it may not be right for everyone, it is a wonderful option for many moms as they rest and recover after the birth of their child.  Sue Holsonback, a certified placenta encapsulator in the Greenville, SC area, explains the benefits of placenta encapsulation below.  Be sure to visit her website for more information.

The benefits of consuming your placenta are considered anecdotal.  However, we know that most cultures in history considered this organ sacred and utilized the many benefits in different ways.  I can tell you from personal experience as well as that of MANY of my clients: The postpartum recovery is REMARKABLY better when the placenta is prepared according to Traditional Chinese Medicine and encapsulated!  My clients have to be reminded they just had a baby 7 days ago and to take it easy because they have so much energy!

The basics are that the placenta is an endocrine organ that takes over production of stress relieving hormones from the hypothalamus in the third trimester.  Yep, the hypothalamus goes on vacation.  The placenta is born.  No one is making those hormones for 7-10 days before the hypothalamus gets the message to start producing hormones again.  During that time (7-10 days) is the most common for “baby blues” to set in.  No wonder.  So, ingesting your placenta ensures that your hormone re-balance goes more smoothly, as the dosage schedule helps to bridge that gap.  The other BIG factor in postpartum depression is iron.  The second main ingredient in placenta is iron.  Iron shortage leads to fatigue, fatigue to depression (clinically proven).  And, we just don’t know why exactly but think it might be the prostaglandins, placenta capsules also help in lactation.  So, the mamas that tend to benefit MOST from capsules are those with histories of depression or anxiety, previous milk supply issues, or those with a vegetarian diet or history of anemia, or just any mom that wants to experience a smoother more energetic postpartum recovery.

The encapsulation process takes place in the mom’s house and not mine.  Not only is this a requirement of my PBi certification, but meets CDS and FDA standards for controlling blood borne pathogens.  In addition, the placenta process has more integrity, limiting potential exposure to foreign contaminants.  When placenta encapsulation is a one-time shot, it is worth having a currently licensed professional care for this sacred organ!

I happily serve a 60 mile radius for a Certified Placenta Encapsulation Service.  Learn more at Empowered Birth Choices.

My name is Sue Holsonback and I never imagined I’d work in the birth profession until I had my son in 2010. Some parts of my birth were unexpected and challenging. Different aspects of breastfeeding seemed at times impossible. Parenting a toddler: can anyone be ready for that? Yet, with support, practice, and determination, I rose to each of these challenges.