Choosing an Activity Tracker Part 1: Introduction

I have been posting on Facebook for weeks about wearing multiple activity trackers.  This inaugural post in the series will review one of my first “activity trackers”.  As we go through the series, I will introduce you to several common trackers on the market today and explain some of the pros and cons of each.  Obviously I don’t have an unlimited budget so I only tested a few, but this should give you an idea of the pros and cons for several popular brands and types.

When I first started exercising I used a regular, inexpensive pedometer like the type you would find at Target or Walmart for $10-$20. After awhile I wanted something that would download data to my computer and Nate and I both purchased the Omron Pocket Pedometer.  The Omron pedometer is fabulous, basic, easy to use and see, and most of all – it is accurate.  I know this because the researcher in me tested the accuracy.  I walked all over counting my steps – flat surfaces, turning around, up and down stairs, walking fast, and walking slow. Check out the results below:


Number of Steps Taken: Omron Pedometer Recorded:
50 steps 50 steps
60 steps 60 steps
100 steps 100 steps

As you can see, it was accurate step for step. It is a bit bulky, but it doesn’t need to be charged and takes a standard CR2032 battery that lasts for a very long time.  The pedometer comes with a belt clip, but at some point (recently) I lost the clip so I can’t show you a picture of that here.  The newer versions appear to be less bulky and are compatible with the new Omron app.


The Omron Pedometer is fairly thick, but this never kept me from slipping it into any pocket.



At 2 inches wide, the Omron Pedometer is pretty big.  Again, the size didn’t keep me from putting it in nearly any pants/shorts pocket.



The Omron Pedometer is fairly tall as well at 3 inches in height.


I did eventually upgrade to my current tracker, but only because Nate’s Omron pedometer went through the wash more than once and didn’t fare so well (oops). I gave him mine and began the search for a newer activity tracker.

Curious what I bought? Read Choosing an Activity Tracker Part 2.


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