Dessert Competition on February 2!

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and that means yummy desserts!  Do you want to make a special dessert this year that everyone will love? Even Dr. Sears says that desserts are ok once a week.  So let’s have a dessert competition to get some new ideas, show off your own great creations, and help a local food bank restock their pantry.  The competition will take place on February 2 from 11am-2pm at I Love Natural Baby (11 College Street Greenville, SC 29601).


Here’s the catch, there are some rules about the ingredients in your dessert.  In this challenge you are being asked to submit a healthier dessert (as many as you wish).  The dessert may be sweet or savory, but there are a couple of rules that you must follow:

  1. The dessert must contain at least one(1) fruit or vegetable.  If you are not using a frozen fruit or vegetable there can’t be any added sugar in the product.
  2. There must be less than 2t (8g) of added sugar/sweetener per serving.  Natural sugars from fruits and vegetables do not count toward this limit.  See the chart below for conversions.  Although I will not count sugars in packaged products (e.g., cream cheese) please try to limit the refined sugar in your dessert in the spirit of the competition.
  3. No high fructose corn syrup, artificial colors or flavorings, or hydrogenated oils may be used or be present in any component of your recipe.


How to Enter

Entrants must submit their recipe(s) no later than January 28 February 1 at 11:59pm to: Sign Up Here

If your submission doesn’t meet the requirements listed above you will be notified via email by January 30.   You will be given the option to submit an updated recipe or to withdraw your submission. that is ok!

On February 2 you must deliver your submission(s) by 10:45am.  Please bring enough for 25 tasting size portions (just a bite or two per portion).  We will take care of serving up the dessert into bite size portions if you don’t have the time to take care of that.

The event will open to everyone at 11am.  If you arrive early (or have just dropped off your dessert), please feel free to shop while you wait for the doors to open!


Judging & Prizes

Attendees will judge the entries.  Each attendee will receive 5 tickets as they enter the event.  They will then be able to taste as many of the desserts as they wish and award their tickets to their favorite desserts.  The dessert with the most tickets at 1:45pm will receive the grand prize of a Pantry Makeover ($40 value) from L.E.A.N. Health Coach.  The dessert in second place will receive a gift basket full of goodies from Earth Fare and third place will receive a $25 gift card to Charleston Cooks!



The cost to enter the contest or simply to attend the tasting is $5 per family.  All entry fees collected will be donated to a local food bank.  If you are able, please consider donating more during this post-holiday season, especially if you are entering more than one dessert or are bringing your entire family to the tasting.  Canned goods are also welcome in lieu of a monetary donation.



In an effort to be earth conscious, as you make your donation to the food bank please sign in and leave your email address.  In the week following the event you will receive an email with a link to all of the recipes featured in the competition.


This should be a lot of fun and a relaxing way to take some time to be with new and old friends and raise money for those in our area who may be without food.


A special thank you to I Love Natural Baby for donating the space for this event and to Earth Fare and Charleston Cooks! for donating such wonderful prizes!



Servings in Recipe Maximum Amount of Sugar/Sweetener Allowed
1 2t
2 4t
3 6t = 2T = 1/8 C
4 8t
5 10t
6 12t = 4T = ¼ C
7 14t
8 16t
9 18t = 6T
10 20t
11 22t
12 24t = 8T = ½ C
13 26t
14 28t
15 30t = 10T