Frequently Asked Questions

Why L.E.A.N.?

Benefits of living L.E.A.N.

  • Boosts your mood – Eating a diet of healthy, whole foods helps you feel happier.
  • Helps control weight – A healthy lifestyle helps to eliminate the dieting roller coaster.
  • Prevents illness – Eating immune boosting foods means that you will be sick less often.
  • Improves concentration – Avoiding the wrong kinds of foods helps combat ADHD symptoms in children and adults.
  • Focus on the building family – The program works to build family and does not single out any one family member
  • SIMPLE – no tricky formulas or recipes to master

Who should take a L.E.A.N. class?

Do you have kids at home? If you do, the L.E.A.N. program is a great option for your family. Both the L.E.A.N. Essentials and L.E.A.N. Start program are designed to help parents learn more about nutrition and living a healthy lifestyle. These programs also have the added benefit of teaching parents how to get their kids excited about being healthy.

  • LEAN Essentials and LEAN Start classes are for anyone. The classes are geared toward parents with children between 3 and 12-years-old, but the information is applicable to anyone.
  • LEAN Expectations classes are for pregnant and nursing moms (and their partner). These classes can be taken at any point during pregnancy or post partum. Taken early in pregnancy they are a nice segue into a birthing class such as Hypnobabies offered by Julie Byers.

How much do the classes cost?

  • LEAN Essentials 2-hour seminar: $25
  • LEAN Start 6-week series: $45-89 - Click here for details
  • LEAN Expectations: $30/class or all 3 classes for $75

I already know about nutrition why should I take a L.E.A.N. class?

  • LEAN Essentials and Start classes provide a good review of nutrition, some tips for getting even those picky eaters to try new foods, and give you hints about teaching kids about living a healthy lifestyle. The concept of traffic light eating, the central theme in these classes, is fun and simple for kids and adults alike.
  • LEAN Expectations classes go beyond basic nutrition by focusing on the unique nutritional and self-care needs of pregnant and nursing moms. The Expectations series also helps you understand the changes that occur during pregnancy and prepare you for the weeks following the arrival of your baby.

Is L.E.A.N. the right choice for your family?

Here are some common questions and concerns that many families have before adopting the L.E.A.N. approach:

Can I still eat my favorite/comfort foods?

Yes! I don’t know what I would do without spaghetti sauce in the crock pot during the winter. We all have comfort foods. Usually they can be lightened up so that they are more healthy but don’t lose and of the “comfort” factor. If they can’t be lightened up, you just have to be careful to pay attention to how much you eat and how often. (My secret weakness after a long, hard week: brownies)

Do I have to give up pasta and other carbs?

No. There are good carbs and bad carbs. Good carbs such as those found in fruits, veggies, and whole grain foods are good carbs. These carbs are usually found with protein and fiber. The bad or “junky” carbs are the ones that you want to limit in your diet (e.g., white breads, cakes, pastries, etc.).

Can I still eat dessert?

Yes. Dr. Sears says that eating dessert is OK, you just need to do it in moderation. Dessert should be reserved for special occasions. If you don’t have a party or holiday coming up, go ahead and indulge in some dessert once a week. I have a HUGE sweet tooth that I satisfy with a fruit smoothie during the week then if I still want a traditional sweet on the weekend I can enjoy.

Will the food taste like cardboard?

No. Fresh, whole foods have a lot of flavor without the salt of packaged products. By using fresh ingredients and adding simple spices to your cooking food usually tastes BETTER than you are used to.

Will it cost a lot more at the grocery store?

Alright, here is the truth. Yes, it will cost a little more but you will spend less in the long run paying for medical care. Eating right will help you stay healthy and minimize your risk for disease. Make changes slowly and do what you can given your personal budget. Even making one or two small changes in your life can make a big difference.

I don’t have time to cook dinner every night. Will I still be able to succeed?

Yes. Start with small, manageable goals for your family. If you are currently eating out 7 nights a week, make the goal to only eat out 5 nights. Then on the two nights that you cook make something that can be used for a second dinner later in the week. For example, cook a whole chicken in the crock pot during the day on Monday. On Monday night have the chicken with some steamed green beans and baked sweet potatoes. Then on Wednesday use the leftoever chicken and make a chicken salad using grapes and plain greek yogurt (or any kind of yogurt you like). Serve the chicken salad on a bed of greens and you have a terrific and easy dinner. One night of cooking and you have 2 healthy dinners.