Goal for February 12-February 18: EXERCISE & ATTITUDE

Life got very busy last week and I just never made it around to posting the Exercise goal.  I don’t know about you, but I was definitely getting my exercise in as I chased my toddler all over the house, the park, and Natural Baby!  This week, there will be a combined exercise and attitude goal to get us caught back up.

Goal: Find one new activity to try with your family or friends this week.  The activity should get you up and moving for at least 30 minutes.  As you think about what you could add to your hectic week remember to remain positive about this journey.

Why?: Sometimes we reject exercise because we are bored with our routine.  Routine is nice, but if it is keeping you from staying motivated about your health then it is time to mix things up.  The goal this week will help you find something new to add to your rotation of exercise/movement tool box and help you to stay positive about this journey.  The nice benefit of exercise is the mood boosting effects, which makes this week’s exercise and attitude combination a natural pairing.

Example: Try setting up an obstacle course in your yard or driveway – think back to your childhood.  Some sidewalk chalk can help you make a hopscotch board, a basketball can be used for a dribbling segment, your old jump rope or hula hoop can be dusted off, etc.  Be creative!