Goal for January 1-7: LIFESTYLE

Goal: This week take a look at your normal routine and find one thing that you can eliminate or streamline.

Why?: The goal here is to reduce the duplication, unnecessary tasks, etc. so that you can spend more time relaxing and spending time with your family and friends.

Example: I am notorious for re-arranging the dishwasher after my husband loads it.  I would save 10 minutes a day by just saying “thank you” and leaving the dishes the way they are.  After all, there isn’t anything wrong with the way it was loaded.  That is 10 more minutes a day to play with my son, share a hug with my husband, or just sit and breathe.  That adds up to 70 minutes a week – over an hour!

Let me know what you find out about your routine and about your success this week.


Happy New Year!