Goal for January 8-14: EXERCISE

Goal: This week add a couple of steps to your daily routine.  If you wear a pedometer (pretty cheap these days) this will be easy to measure.

Why?: The goal here is to add more activity to your life without feeling like you are overwhelmed with the time committment.  We often fail in our New Year’s Resolutions to “exercise more” because that is an amorphous goal.  If you choose to do two of the things listed in the examples below you will be surprised by how many steps you are adding to your day, how much better you feel, and how easily this becomes a habit.

Example: Park further out in the parking lot (wear a heavier coat if it is cold), take the stairs instead of the elevator at work or in the mall, put your water cup across the room so that you get up to take a sip.

Post your favorite “step adding” activity.