Hi, my name is Moira and I think A LOT about food.  I love eating and in particular I love sweets.  So, why am I writing about nutrition?  Well, I know that I can’t eat all of the sweets that I want, but I can have them in moderation as long as the rest of my diet is pretty good.  I am human and I slip up, like the 2 pieces of caramel pecan pie I ate today (one for breakfast).  Hopefully I balanced that out with the quinoa salad and tomato salad I had for lunch, the banana I shared with my baby, and the tons of water I drank today.  You see, it is all about finding a balance.  I could never cut out sweets or refined sugar totally, but I do make every effort to eat thoughtfully.  I will tell you that tomorrow’s breakfast will likely be some strawberries and sprouted cinnamon raisin bread with fresh orange juice…not pie.

My hope in writing this blog is to help you and your family to think a little more about your nutrition. I hope that you will see that it isn’t too hard to swap out some of your favorites for a better and still yummy alternative. Although I have several college degrees, none of them are in nutrition.  My blog is just to help you think about your own life as I give you a glimpse into the eating habits of my family, which includes an infant just starting out on “big boy” food.

Enjoying a hike in Asheville

Enjoying a hike in Asheville

I would love to hear from you.  Let me know how you are incorporating healthy choices into your life.  Do you have a favorite healthy meal?  A favorite way to stay active with your family?  Who knows, maybe you will have the opportunity to write a guest post for this blog! (I know, not such a big deal, but could be fun.)

Happy reading!
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