Wellness Workshops


Be Healthy Wellness Workshops focus on how to take small, simple steps toward improved health through lifestyle choices, exercise, a positive attitude, and better nutrition. Dr. Sears has put together and refined 3 different series based on research, years of medical experience, and past participant feedback.  What makes these workshops special is that the principles can be applied to any family situation and offer an easy way to teach yourself and your children about being healthy. 

I look forward to serving you and your family on your journey to improved health!

Be Healthy Wellness Essentials is a 2-hour interactive workshop that covers the basics of a healthy lifestyle, exercise, attitude, and nutrition. The Essentials workshop is a great way to get your feet wet; think of it like a "Quick Start Guide".  A workbook is included in your workshop fee.

The Be Healthy Family Wellness Series consists of 6 interactive classes and expands on the Be Healthy Essentials workshop.  In this series traffic light eating, brainy breakfasts, hydration, protein, carbs, and fats are all discussed.  As with all Be Healthy workshops, this series can be adapted for any family and has plenty of tips for making healthy changes to your lifestyle.  A reference guide is included in your series fee.

Be Healthy Expectations consists of 3 workshops for any woman who is trying to conceive, already expecting, or postpartum.  These workshops may be taken as a series or individually and cover topics such as comfort measures during pregnancy, pregnancy and breastfeeding nutrition, bonding with baby, and how to reconnect with your partner, friends, and family after birth.  Three reference books are included in the series fee.