Wellness Essentials

This is a fun 2-hour interactive workshop that will introduce participants to improved health by focusing on lifestyle, exercise, attitude, and nutrition.  Participants will learn about traffic light eating and how to help children make healthy choices without the grumbling and complaining that may be seen as typical “picky eating”.  For families just beginning to introduce solids, this workshop really helps to get the baby off to the right start from the very beginning.

Dr. Sears believes strongly that we shape our taste palate at a very young age.  If we teach our children to LOVE fruits, veggies, whole grains, and lean meat we are setting them up for a healthy life full of energy and success.  When we teach them about portion control we are teaching them to listen to their bodies, thus lowering the risk for obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and other chronic diseases.

Not only will we cover nutrition, we will also talk about the importance of water and PLAY!  When participants leave the Wellness Essentials workshop they will have a toolbox of tips and tricks for encouraging a healthy lifestyle in their home.

This workshop is a terrific starting place for anyone who is just beginning the journey to improved health.