Family Wellness

The Be Healthy Family Wellness series* consists of six 1-hour interactive classes (or three 2-hour interactive classes) and covers each of the four aspects of health from the Wellness Essentials seminar in much greater depth.  The series will cover topics such as traffic light eating, brainy breakfasts, watering your growing child, protein, carbs, and right fats.  There isn’t anything fancy about this healthy living plan, it is easy to understand and can be adapted for any family.  This series of interactive classes includes a reference guide.

If you aren’t sure that you are ready to commit to the Family Wellness series, check out the Wellness Essentials Workshop.

**New** Be Healthy, LLC is now offering the Family Wellness series online!  Personal coaching sessions can also be added to your online course fee.

*If you are interested in classes, but your budget does not allow for the Family Wellness series, please call or email me to see if we can work something out.  Every family has the right to be healthy!