Meet Moira

As a National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach, my goal is to provide support and guidance as you choose your envision your path to wellness and meet the goals that you set through a positive and thoughtful process.

Welcome! I was the skinny kid growing up; I ate ice cream at least once a day, had fast food once a week, and wasn’t all that active. I didn’t sit around on the couch all day, but I certainly didn’t exercise in the traditional sense. I was in marching band in high school, but that only kept me active a couple of months out of the year, the rest of the year I was sitting in orchestra, bands, and ensembles. I stayed skinny so I thought everything was fine until my husband and I tried to get pregnant. Our diets were middle of the road – not great, not horrible. We had our comfort foods – lasagna, spaghetti sauce with beef, brownies, ice cream – but who doesn’t?

We found out that just because we were skinny didn’t mean we were LEAN or healthy. After several years of trying to conceive we decided to change our diet. We wanted to be healthier. We cut down on the packaged foods and traditional fast food. We opted for more salads, lightened up those comfort foods, and tried to eat organic whenever possible. A couple of things happened. By changing our diet and adding exercise and accupuncture we were able to get pregnant when nothing else had worked (including a lot of infertility treatments), we grew a healthy baby boy to full term despite having a high risk pregnancy, and we also noticed that my husband’s migraine headaches decreased and his LDL (bad cholesterol) levels began to decrease too.

What a difference good nutrition and a clean lifestyle made in our lives! I can’t stand to think of someone else struggling with disease and infertility if they don’t have to – we spent five years of our life struggling with this and it was gut wrenching. As a health coach, my hope is that I can help you and your family learn how to live LEAN. Nothing would make me happier at the end of the day than to say that I spent my day witnessing a family start their journey toward a LEAN lifestyle.

I hope you will invite me on your journey to becoming a LEAN individual and family. If you are interested in learning how to do this, please consider signing up for one of the seminars I offer. Go to Class Info & Registration.

Now, you may have noticed that I have a Ph.D. Please don’t let that intimidate you! Let it reassure you that I am committed to learning and growing, how could I not be when I spent 23 years in school. After I graduated with my Ph.D. I taught Psychology classes at Clemson University before moving to Greenville Technical College, where I still teach part time. This all adds up to mean that I will do my absolute best to always provide you with the most up-to-date information available. My advanced degrees in psychology also provide me with the expertise to guide you in helping your children make positive changes to their lifestyle that will stick. My commitment to education means that I want you to succeed in building a healthy lifestyle for your family.

I look forward to hearing from you,


Moira Pics

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